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- Just some of the comments received so far - about our new, twenty-six page comic - What Do Pirates, Tea, Hong Kong, Heroin and Oxys Share in Common?

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Too many young people - are taking 'Oxys' - 'Percs' - '20s, 40s and 80' - and going to 'Smartie Parties.

They have no idea what they are getting themselves into - and how these drugs can impact on their lives - for the rest of their life.

In addition to our new comic book - SupportNet has designed a set of two posters - Opiate Drugs Change Your Brain - 24 x 34 inch in full size - to alert teens and young adults to the risks of taking opiate drugs.


Scroll down this page - to see some of the comments that we have received so far - several thousand of our comic have been distributed in Southwest Ontario - to schools, youth and other community agencies.

Thank you to London Medical Pharmacy - and Southwest Ontario Methadone Associates Physician Group for sponsoring the initial printing of our comic.

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I am a public health nurse and certified teacher connected with 12 elementary schools. I reviewed the 'Pirates' booklet - and am very impressed with the illustrations and storyline. I believe it is an extremely valuable and appropriate resourse which could be effectively used in the classroom to engage grade 7 and 8 students. I intend to promote in in my schools!

Beverley - Middlesex London Health Unit


I walked by our waiting room just now. There are at least twenty people in there - and every one of them is sitting quietly - reading your new booklet. I've never seen anything like it.

Amy - Clinic 528, London, Ontario


The story is told in straight forward sentences that make the booklet very easy to read - and the comic art compliments the writing nicely. This comic is well worth reading. It informs in an entertaining manner. Four Stars!

Richard - Jazma Online


I own a store - next door to a pharmacy. There are all sorts of 'pill deals' that go down outside - all day long. It bugs the hell out of me! But reading your booklet has helped me to understand the problem better - and to have some compassion for the people caught up in the prescription addiction mess. Thanks!

Dave - London, Ontario


We have just read your new comic - What Do Pirates, Tea, Hong Kong, Heroin and Oxys Share in Common? - in our Grade 8 Social Studies course - to learn about addiction. The children understand what you have to say in the comic - and have had a lot of fun reading it.

Ms. Moore - London, Ontario


I had no idea that heroin used to be prescribed for medical treatment. They just keep putting the same addictive stuff out there - in different pills and forms - and just don't seem to care about who gets taken down by it all. This is a terrible blight on society - the costs are staggering.

OxyKiller Loudspeaker - Tampa, FL


My 12 year old son read this three times the first night I brought it home from clinic. That is amazing! And he told me that he understands better now - what I've put myself through - and where he doesn't want to follow. Thank you Dr. Craven!

Marie - London, Ontario


Why do they keep prescribing these pills the way that they do??? Thank you so much for putting this booklet out there for the kids (not that I didn't enjoy the read a great deal) - This is a fun and important educational tool.

Dean - Vancouver, BC


FANTASTIC - This comic book should be required reading for all school kids.

Done With Addiction - Toronto, Ontario


Your new 'Hong Kong, Heroin and Oxys' comic is about the clearest - and most straightforward description of opiate drug addiction that I have ever read. Bravo!

Martyn - London, Ontario


The new SupportNet Posters - and the 'Pirates' booklet went over really well at Mother Teresa High School last week. Over 500 students rotated through the display. They were very responsive to the booklet. Thanks again for your support.

Jane - London, Ontario